Using Burlap Lamp Shades? Why Not?

Owning a living space or interior design with the rustic or countryside theme is always successfully making a head-attack. It is not only necessary to bring some vintage model of furnishing or paint the wall with the natural color with some intentionally added stains pattern to give the rustic effect, but the lighting setup is also counted as the important aspects you cannot skip. Well, regarding the lighting set, the level of shine of the light is become the key point here, while as we might know that the shiny and spark lamps are suitable for modern or futuristic home, whereas somewhat obscure lamps is the smart choice for the classic style. We do recommend you this burlap lamp shade.

Maybe you have read our post regarding the other classical style of lamp shades with the laces and fretworks applied into a fabric materials created to be a shade, but trust us, the burlap shade is all you need when you want to emphasize the real rustic characteristic. If you want such royal sense, then those laced and fretworks shades might do, but when your home is created like the barn, the burlap is one to go.

This burlap lamp shade is easy make by yourself. When the shades with the laces or fretworks are too complex to create because it needs some deft hands with knitting skills, you can do the burlap shade DIY way. All you need to do is finding or making the frame and cut some burlap sacks on your warehouse and place it on. The other reason that is also sensible is that this burlap shade is cheaper. You can say that because it is made of rustic thing or it is because you can do it in DIY way, then it is truly cheaper compared to the other models.

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