Tips For Wood Floor Texture

Flooring is one of important thing when it comes to the home decor and design. This part can help you to create stylish statement. Since there are numerous options of flooring, you can determine the choices by pick the one that can complement your need and style at the same time. By this, you can go with wood floor texture. Besides giving the natural accents, this also can add the more casual and warmth setting to your home. Since there are numerous options for wood floor texture types, you have to choose the one as what you desire for home decor and match your style at the same time.

The first type of wood floor texture is the one which can create smooth surface. This one can be found easily on the prefinished flooring. Commonly, it comes as the floor board which is sanded flat and it is then finished. For those who want enhance the rooms with elegance touch, this is the perfect one especially as it is used for the darker finish. You have to remember that this type can show the dents and scratched much more readily as it is compared with others types.

Others wood floor texture option is namely as hand-scraped. This could be anywhere from the subtle to the extreme. Overall, this is the wood floor texture which has wave like the appearance which is created with wood scrapers. This flooring type will definitely bring the casual look to the room by adding the comfort, warmth and also lived-in ambiance. The more hand-scraped texture, there will be more hide dents scratches. For the homeowners with the larger dogs for their households, this flooring is best since the tear and wear will be more easily concealed.

Last but not the least, there is also distressed type. This one is typically antiqued which can enhance your particular room where it will be installed. This wood floor texture is perfect for the heavy trafficked household or home with lots of pets since the polished distressing will help in camouflage any kind of actual scratches and dents which probably occurs.


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