The Wooden Block of Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee table presents in many modern shape. One of them is the wooden block. The wooden block of this table is made as the identical characteristic of table to be used as the place for glasses. Then, the wooden block of glass coffee table is set in a minimum size. Sometimes, the size of this table is always made in a medium size of the block. The purpose is to matching the appropriate shape of the wooden block as the table. There are some characteristics of medium size of wooden block of glass coffee table.

The glass coffee table of this model is made in medium size to be more practice as the furniture in a table of the living room. The medium size tends to be square but it has a door in a front side of the table and in the upper side as the lift which may be shifted to open this table. Therefore, the table on this model is not only the square table but also it can be opened from many sides.

Then, to maintain or to keep the glass coffee table, this table is modified with the door in the upper side that is shifted to open the table. The glass can be arranged in many positions which can be given the place in as the lift so that the glass can be put in many positions. On the other hand, the glass coffee table can be arranged in a closed position to maintain the cleanliness of the glass to be used in a short time because the shape of this table is box which needs to be cleaned in a durable time.

On the other hand, there is also glass coffee table which has a small box. It is usually used for camping and for vacation in certain places. This table has same decoration with the medium size that there is a door or board to be shifted to open. In addition, the model of this table would be better if it is given the fabric of made the smooth fabric inside the box to keep the beautiful and clean glasses so that it can be directly used when it is needed.


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