Teak Wood Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanity is important decoration that you should need in bathroom. This furniture will add good functions for storing stuff in the bathroom. As it is placed in bathroom and it is important, it is also necessary for us for finding the right material for the vanity. The material should give good strength and good resistance against the moisture of the bathroom. Now we will talk about the teak wood as it is the best choice for the vanity for bathroom.

The first reason why I choose teak wood for the bathroom vanity is the strength of the wood itself. The teak wood is the hardwood with expensive price for its strength. The hardness of the teak wood is maximal so you will not have to be afraid when there is a hard crash that bumps to your vanity. The wood will not be affected by the bumps for its material is as hard as stone.

One of the most common problems when we deal with the furniture is the temperature and pests. The teak wood has both resistance features so you will not have to be afraid about it. The temperature will not make the wood become different in strength or shape. The oil inside the teak wood protects this wood from being consumed by wood pests such as termites. The bathroom vanity will last long even when you put it in the outdoor. Now you see that teak wood will give so many benefits for the bathroom vanity. Your bathroom vanity will surely last long even for a lifetime when you create it from the teak wood. The vanity of bathroom will be stronger again when you decide to put stain or coating that will increase the strength of the wood.



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