Mirrored Console Table for Contemporary Home Design

When it talks about console table, many people will love it very much due to its stylish look and also its essential role in home design. Yet, choosing the material of console table is probably not easy to do. By this, you can limit the choices by considering the theme of decoration. For instance, you can go with mirrored console table if you want to emphasize the home design with modern look. It can represent clear lines and simplicity as the special characteristic of contemporary look. In accordance with this, you can try one of mirrored console table decor ideas as follow.

You can use the mirrored console table for the entryway. Pick this table then combine it with white tones like grays. You can put several accessories on it depend on your preferences. For instance, you can go with metal accessories which will truly work well with mirrored tables. Place this table against the wall then you can put unique photography on the table to give stunning accent. Install the round mirror with white or gray frames on the wall near the table then combine it with two table lamps.

The next, you have to place the mirrored console table in art deco room. You can combine it with two or three of judiciously pieces which can help in bouncing the light around as well as bring the sparkles. You can use it for office room in your home then combine it with the white walls, freestanding desk, and also the medium tones of the hardwood floors. This will give stunning accent to your beloved office room. Others ideas for styling mirrored console table are used in the dining room with modern touch. By this, you can go with dark hardwood flooring with beige walls to balance the mirrored console table. For instance, you can combine the dark floor and table against the light walls and chairs.


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