Inspiring Butterfly Wall Decor Ideas

Living room should be decorated as attractive as possible. It is a front room where you and your guests will firstly enter in your house. So, you have to make your guests impressed with your living room. There are many decoration ideas that you can apply. One of the best ideas is butterfly wall decor. Butterfly is very beautiful. Therefore, your living room will also look very beautiful if you adopt the decoration from butterfly. If you are interested, you can consider the following ideas.

The most common idea is metal butterfly wall decor. You can find the metal butterfly accessories easily in the market. That is why there are many people who apply this idea. If you are interested, you can also follow them. However, you should choose the unique ones so that it will be different from others. Anyway, it can be a butterfly wall decor that you need to consider.

Besides that, if you are a creative person, you can consider creating DIY butterfly wall decor. To create the butterfly accessories, you can use papers for example. Then, you can also use other materials such as mica, plastic, or cloth. Cut the material you used to be butterfly shapes and you can apply them on your living room wall. It will be one of the best ideas of butterfly wall decor.

Another best idea is to make colorful wall decor. You can also the butterfly accessories. If you prefer buying the butterfly accessories, you can choose the colorful ones. If you prefer DIY butterfly accessories, you should choose the colorful materials. So, with the colorful butterfly wall decor, your living room will look much more colorful. Therefore, if you are inspired, you can choose one of the ideas above.


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