Fabulous Interior Design with Narrow Console Table

Console table is recently known as a piece which can deliver lots of function in the term of home decor. In accordance with this, there are numerous console tables types which can match any home design theme. One of those console tables is namely as narrow console table. With its unique and stylish design, it can complement any spaces in your home. Yet, this one is most suitable for the home design with contemporary styles.

Truthfully, console table can be used for define the zones since it can be used for diving a room for several purposes. Thus, narrow console table is truly suitable for those who want to own small space with effective used. For instance, you can select the glass narrow console table which can be used for sectioning off the parts in large living room. For instance, you can place this console table behind the sofa which is placed in the middle of room. This is suitable for family room in modern style. Yet, you can also combine it with the tile fireplace surrounds, vases, sofa, armchairs, artwork, and many more.

For those who are looking for stylish piece of transitional entry, you can also go with the narrow console table. You can place it against the wall. Select the narrow console table design in slim model then you can combine it with the candlestick lamps. If the table is tight spot, you can also combine it with the chunky lamps. It will give eye catching touch with slim and candlestick style lamps with the petite shades. This will work well with dark door and white wall and trim. Last but not the least, you can go with a pair of the stools which are placed under the narrow console table which can spark quiet scene. Besides, you can try others ideas from internet then modify it with your own creativity in order to present different home design.


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