Creative DIY Sofa Table You Can Make by Yourself

Do you know that you don’t have to spend much money to buy sofa table that made of pricy wooden material that looks classic or the glass table that fit your modern interior? Well, If you are willing to shed some sweats and kill some times to do the DIY way, then you ain’t gonna lose much money in return. We have visited some creative recycler as well as hippie dudes who live around the slope of a hill and canyon to inspire us with some sofa tables that are unique and different.

Recently in one camping area in Pennsylvania, we have found one sofa table that is made from a car tires. There are some scouts who are also working as the night watcher of the national forest there who use some tires buckled with the cast on the middle of the tires and use it as the table. Some tires are not packed with cast, but it is filled with the wooden material.

We also found one sofa table made of straw compartment in farmer’s house in Ohio. The straw boxes that are usually used to store some wheat and straws as the harvest or livestock food are conjured to be a living room table. They simple place it on the living room and strike in all the nails to strengthen it up, and the table is ready.

We run into one harbor in UK and ended up lying on one sofa inside of the fisherman shop to wait for the morning time. At that moment, we realize that there’s something unusual with their sofa table. It is made from the suitcase. It is a suitcase that often used as the boxes of the shipping stuff which is quite big and appropriate to be used as the table.

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