Bringing Oriental Essence into Your Kitchen Backsplash

The existence of kitchen backsplash that is usually installed behind the stove or sinks of your kitchen is not only meant to be there to prevent any wall dirt or splash of water that creates the stains on the wall, but it is also stay put over there for some good reasons of kitchen festoon and garnishment. So, many experts of kitchen design we meet are recommending us to maximize the beauty of our kitchen throughout the backsplash. One good style is the kitchen backsplash tile ideas which are representing the oriental taste. How to bring it? Let us explain about it.

Bamboo plant is believed to be the peculiar Asian plant, even it is being the nickname of a country in East Asia namely the country of bamboo gates. Bamboo itself often represented within various Asian movies. Since it is explicitly describing the oriental style, installing kitchen backsplash with the bamboo pattern will easily make the character of oriental persona to your kitchen.

If you realize some peculiar clothes of the Asian people on festival, you will notice some cultural pattern like the swirl of nature and legendary animal called dragon. Dragon is the mystical animal that is being established from bearing to bearing in Asian continent, which is why installing kitchen backsplash with dragon picture is just marvelous.

In classic Chinese culture the porcelain and jade stone are considered treasure for them and being adorned highly. To use them as the kitchen backsplash on your dining area will simply make the space so oriental-friendly. Well, now it is time to decide which kitchen backsplash design ideas you want to use to bring that oriental essence!

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