Bring Statement into Your Room with Antler Chandelier

Bring a statement into your rooms with antler chandelier. It suits any color theme you may have in your room. The varied sizes and shapes create the different touch for your room. This unique chandelier is constructed from a simple chandelier beautified with two more antlers which are entwined. Moreover, Antler light can be made from the natural antlers or faux wooden or acrylic wood. You can also collect the antlers from the woven you have hunted.

Antler chandelier is very popular recently. It brings such an entrancing effect with the fallen long shadows over the walls like branches and vines. It is going to be much interesting for your decoration. However, there are some important matters to consider before you acquire antler lamp for your space. The first thing to consider is the place where you will hang the chandelier. The monochrome paint can give a modern look and upscale for the chandelier. On the other hand, the painted chandelier suits the rustic decoration.

There are two options of antler chandelier, faux and real chandelier. Faux chandelier will be very helpful if your budget is low. The price is pretty affordable yet the look is almost the same. Real Antler light, on contrary, is much more expensive as it is made from the real deal. Because of the limitation of deer hunting, the price is higher.

You be able to do a DIY project for antler chandelier. You will require antlers as the main material. You can buy it at hunting goods shops or at hardware stores. You can further hunt it if you desire to have a special impression. Find antlers with the similar color and size and suit it with your design. It also eases your construction. Then, prepare the chandelier kit which includes light bulbs and wires. As everything is prepared, construct them in a very special way. Use drill and wires to connect them to each other. As the finishing touch, you will need to complete the electrical wiring.

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