Beyond A Buddha Wall Art

Thinking about Buddha as an art wall, we might take carefully on the issue of spirituality and modernity. A buddha wall art is one of the art works which places not only spirituality but also a lifestyle that has deep root on the tradition that we have in the past. This article tries to portray the imagination of buddha of wall art as a symbol of spirituality and the modernizing tradition recently.

Spirituality offers deep experience about transcendental relation with our nature or something that is beyond the phenomena. It means that people cannot find spirituality in a casual situation. Thus, when facing the causality or materiality, people should build meaning by creating symbols reflecting or explaining the spirituality itself. In this sense, buddha wall art represents a symbol used by modern people to find or articulate the spirituality of Buddha within their daily life. A wall of buddha art therefore can be consumed by and performed in the daily life.

Consuming or performing a buddha wall art points out another significant phase in the history of human being called lifestyle. It signifies that symbolization operates in the realm of consciousness in one hand and the practice of modernizing tradition in the other hand. It means that people are always looking into the possibilities of connecting the past to present and future time. While trying to tightly hold onto the root of tradition and performing or consuming spirituality, people seem to prolong their existence by strengthening their identity connected to the past and harmonized with the challenge of modernity.

A buddha wall art consists of not only a process of modernizing tradition but also a strategy to reach spirituality. However, it deeply connects to the daily experience of life. People cannot use an art of Buddha wall merely to exhibit the modernized tradition they want to reach, it must also involve the quality of one’ spirituality. It is clear that the spirituality always depends on the experience of soul and thoughtfully mind that teach our body and mind together.


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